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Openfire "splits" in two instances

Hey everyone,

I’ve this thing happening to my users both today and yesterday.

The installation seems to run fine for a while, then a user tells me that when he logs in he sees only some contacts online, while many others are already online. If I logout and login at the same moment, the same happens to me: the same users he sees online are online for me, and the same users he sees offline I see offline. The users we see offline see each other without problems, and see us offline. Basically it’s just like there are two different instances of the server running.

Now, I’ve just realized this happened after I flushed the caches of the server to try and solve another problem (in this case, I had the search service stop working). I guess this is what is creating the problem, and that flushing the caches is bad?

Can you please confirm my theory or point me to some other idea?

Best regards,


P.S. I’m using LDAP for user authenthication and default groups for group management.