Openfire SSL when domain is NOT the subject on the certificate

Having a few problems getting openfire running correctly with SSL,

Basically I have an EV certificate issued for domainA and it has a number of SAN’s on it, one of which I want to host the openfire server (call it domainB)

If I set my server name to DomainB then openfire complains that “Found an RSA certificate that is not valid for the server domain” and SSL won’t start

If I set my server name to DomainA then it works and I can browse to the server using 7443 on DomainA and DomainB using Chrome and I am presented with the correct certificate however I can’t actually use DomainB for chatting and my log is filled with things like “Closing session due to incorrect hostname in stream header”

So is it possible to use openfire SSL with a EV certificate that is listed as a SAN not as the primary subject?