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Openfire Start GUI loading with no info

Installed Openfire on a new Win10 machine using embedded db as my db. When I launch/start Openfire it doesn’t show the loading info across the gui… Ive had Openfire 32 running on another machine for a couple of years now, and when I starts it always shows the load info… any thoughts why I might not be seeing load info. Seems to be running as I can get with a spark client

Actually it just loaded with quite of few red DB errors scrolling by… I used the Import/Export feature to move users
over- thinking there may be an issue with using that to bring the users over from a 32 to a 64. Not sure yet

It sounds like you are using the launcher…with the new version of open fire, a service is install instead, so no need to use the launcher.

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Read the part about not using the launcher. Explanation: upgrading Openfire
So your launcher might be conflicting with a service. Also, if you used embedded database on your old server it would be more convenient to just copy the old database instead of ding export/import.