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Openfire stopped accepting connections

My linux Openfire server 4.2.3 on LEAP 15.1 was working perfectly. I changed nothing that I know of. But now it rejects all connections. The server admin screen works. I have turned off the firewall.
I get messages like these:

2019.07.31 19:18:25 org.jivesoftware.openfire.net.SocketUtil - Unable to create a socket connection to XMPP domain ‘proxy.eu.jabber.org’: Unable to connect to any of its remote hosts.
2019.07.31 19:18:25 org.jivesoftware.openfire.session.LocalOutgoingServerSession[Authenticate local domain: ‘myserver.dyndns.org’ to remote domain: ‘proxy.eu.jabber.org’] - Unable to authenticate: Fail to create new session.
I do not have a proxy server
why is Openfire connecting there?

proxy.eu.jabber.org is unknown too.

ping proxy.eu.jabber.org

ping: proxy.eu.jabber.org: Name or service not known

nslookup proxy.eu.jabber.org


** server can’t find proxy.eu.jabber.org: NXDOMAIN

Openfire shouldn’t automatically connect to proxy.eu.jabber.org. This might be a client that tries to contact it, in case it needs to make use of a proxy server for file transfer.

This does, however, seem unrelated to the larger ‘nothing works’ error. Are you having more generic network issues, perhaps?

I changed nothing (unless LEAP upgrades of packages changed things). But I can connect from Pidgin on the same machine as the server, so your suspicion may be correct. However, the firewall is off, and I changed nothing on the router with respect to the port forwards. There are no entries in the pidgin logs either.

Ah Ha! It was my dynamic DNS address that had changed.

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