Openfire stops working on Windows Server 2008 R2

Hi Guys,

i hope someone can help me here, ive been using openfire for a messaging iphone app i created couple of weeks ago, and for some reason openfire randomly stops working. So for example im chatting from one phone to another, the messages work fine, then i’d try to test it at night, and notice the messages are not being recieved, so i RDP on to my server, i notice the openfire bulb icon is missing in the system tray, so i start the openfire server again, and messages work, but next day the same issue happens, its a cycle. I’ve also made sure i installed it as a service, and when i start task manager i can see in the services that its running. So why does the openfire bulb icon randomly dissapear from the system tray icon? is there a way to make sure it is always present in the system tray and always “started”?



If you have it installed and running as a service (check in the Services console), there is no need to run the launcher and no icon should be shown on the system tray. If you run them both, then there will be conflicts and it will stop running.