Openfire stores MUC name in all lower-case

Somewhat of an odd issue I encountered: it appears that Openfire 3.5.2 is storing MUC names in all lowercase. If I name an MUC myChatRoom it will be stored as mychatroom. XMPP does not specify this behavior and should not be too difficult to correct.

Are you talking about the room’s JID (“Room ID” on Create New Room page)? E.g. mychatroom@conference.server? I can’t find the specification for that, but i think JIDs are automatically converted to a lower-case in xmpp. If you are talking about the room’s name (“Room Name”), then the case is preserved in that case. I have tested this with 3.6.1 version.

Here, i’ve found this in the JID Escaping XEP

Escaped JIDs MUST conform to the definition of a Jabber ID as specified in RFC 3920, including the Nodeprep profile of stringprep.

Note: All transformations are exactly as specified below. CASE IS
SIGNIFICANT. Lowercase was selected since Nodeprep will case fold to
lowercase for US-ASCII characters such as A, C, E, and F.
All JIDs are fold to lower-case.

Awesome. Thank you. Grateful for learning something new!