Openfire/Strophe Issues

Hi, I’ve been trying to make an IM client using Openfire 3.7.1 and Strophe on Windows Metro Interface, I was able to send and receive IMs but I’m experiencing issues, when a friend logs-out or logs-in I get no presence info at all, even in raw input stream of strophe (so a faulty event handler is out of the question, its being exhanged properly by the regular IM clients), and the first time I log in from the strophe client (metro app) I do get my roster along with the presence info of all the clients that are logged in but its something like this:
From: username@server Type: undefined Show: undefined Status: Undefined Priority: Undefined

If you need any other information please let me know.

Should I report it as a bug?

Please provide the log of XML stanzas between the client and server. It sounds like perhaps you are not logging out the client properly on page close?

Thanks for your response Deryl, the other clients are connected over port 5222, would bosh exchange presence info for only the clients connected throug bosh?? (That isn’t true either cuz I do get some information for clients that are logged in over port 5222 the first time I request the roster and submit presence information (from bosh client), but just the first time, then when I log out the client (connected on 5222), presence changes on clients connected via port 5222 but no presence info is sent to clients connected on BOSH (I don’t receive any packets on the wire either, raw)… Presence of BOSH client is being relayed properly. See the XML logs in the images attached, logging off from droid2 or droid1 doesn’t sent any presence information in raw packets.n I couldn’t copy and paste text here cuz metro wont allow it.

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