Openfire suddenly disconnecting

For learning use, I installed OF on my Mac Pro Inte; quad-core 10.4.11 desktop machine. Yesterday, it worked fine. I could connect from my client on my desktop. No one to talk to yet, but it worked. Today, (I use Proteus) I can log into the account and withing 2-4 seconds, it disconnects. Protues tries again and gets connected. Then it drops again about the same number of seconds, over and over and over.

I’ve made no changes to amything. A cursory look at the server logs don’t show anything amiss as far as I can tell, perhaps I am looking in the wrong place.

How’s the best way to go about figuring it out whats wrong.

Hi mattknows,

Are you able to dump XML stanzas received on the Proteus client? It would be useful to see a log of those messages.


I will look into how to do that. But today, its not disconnecting at all. Strange.