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Openfire support for clustering


I am looking for enterprise version of openfire which will enable us to configure clustering. I have gone through verious articals published for clustering support in openfire. But, I haven’t encountered one which will provide us linkage to enterprise version and licence agreement.

Please help me locating openfire enterprise version with clustering support. Also, is there any way by which I get evaluation copy of enterprise version?

As per http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1471

To enable clusgtering we need to install enterprise plug-in. But I am not able to locate enterprise.jar for installation of this plug-in.

Those documents are out of date. The enterprise plugin is no longer available. There is no longer a paid version of openfire and with its EOL the clustering plugin also now unavailable. It was based on commercial products and can therefore not be distributed under the opensource licenses. For this reason it is no longer available at all in any form. Clustering is no longer an option until a new opensource plugin is developed by the community as an opensource product.

Thanks Todd.