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Openfire SVG logo

Is there a SVG version of Openfire logo?

Good question, I searched my archives and such and could not find any. The best we have is the fans page

Thank you! This page has an .eps logo, which also is vector and can be converted to SVG. For future readers, here’s a SVG version of the logo: logo-openfire

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Can I change openfire logo choosing other logo and the name “openfire” to other name in my local serve??

Openfire is an open source product with Apache license. You can change and rebrand it whatever you like for your internal needs.

Thanx for response,
How can I do this??

There is no guide on rebranding Openfire and i haven’t done this myself. I guess you will have to look through the code and image files and change it. You may have to build your own version of Opefire compiling the source as some parts might not change by just editing the text in the files.

Thanx for U so much😊