Openfire swamping domain controller

Awhile ago we were having logging on issues with spark and openfire. After a reboot of the physical server we have been running great for months. Today we started using Livechat, we have almost 200 people in a queue and our logging on issues have come back again. Looking at our domain controller it is getting killed, the lsass process is chewing cpu. If I edit the Openfire profile to use our other domain controller then that one starts getting killed and the other one is barely working. The load on the openfire server itself isn’t bad.


Have you tried using the dns address for the domain instead of just one controller?

ex: instead of

We had similar issues, with a faulty domain controller nic, and once we started going to the AD domain instead of one controller, things cleared up quickly.



We ended up rebooting the server because it was due anyways but I have taken your advice as well. Thats great to know, I wish I had known that when we initially rolled openfire out would’ve saved alot of headaches.

I hope it helps. I’ve had no LDAP problems since I implemented it.