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Openfire takes minutes to start


Openfire seems to take several minutes to start. I first discovered this when trying to do the setup and the web interface wouldn’t load, but it still happens even after rebooting the server…

I issued a restart and got this in the log:

2009.04.30 01:38:23 Openfire stopped
2009.04.30 01:38:23 Server halted
2009.04.30 01:38:25 Publish-Subscribe domain: pubsub.xxx
2009.04.30 01:38:25 Multi User Chat domain: conference.xxx
2009.04.30 01:41:35 Openfire 3.6.3 [Apr 30, 2009 1:41:35 AM]
2009.04.30 01:42:15 Admin console listening at:
2009.04.30 01:42:15 Started server (unencrypted) socket on port: 5269
2009.04.30 01:42:15 Started plain (unencrypted) socket on port: 5222
2009.04.30 01:42:15 Started SSL (encrypted) socket on port: 5223

Anyone shed some light on what might be causing this?



Hi John,

How recent of an install is this? If your database has a lot of groupchat logs inside, the server will take a long time to process it.


This is version 3.6.3 installed today fresh on Debian 5 Lenny from deb. This happened when it first started after install and also on every subsequent restart. I have two users. There are no groupchat logs I believe…


Is DNS setup properly on your machine?


Yes. It can resolve things fine. Could it be related to multicast DNS perhaps as that might not work… I see it doing queries for this. Is it possible to turn that off? This is running in Xen, the box has multiple IP’s in the same subnet, but I can’t see why that should make a difference.

Is there a way to start the daemon in debug so can see what its doing?

Doesn’t seem to be any network traffic around the time when it finally binds to the ports…


Hi John,

you may want to take some javacores while Openfire “hangs”. See JVM Settings and Debugging

You may want to post the thread dumps here. Maybe you have a problem with your random device