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Openfire .tar.gz + Eclipse 3.1 Installation Guide

The following instructions were updated in May 2007 for Openfire.

Setup Openfire

Install jdk-1_5_0_11-windows-i586-p.exe (or just copy the files to

%programfiles%\Java so you’re registry is not modified)

Extract eclipse-SDK-3.1.2-win32.zip to C:\Tools\

Start C:\Tools\eclipse\eclipse.exe and set

Workspace to C:\ws\eclipse\workspace\

If start fails because no javaw.exe is found add

%programfiles%\Java\jdk1.5.0_11\bin to the PATH

variable manually and start it

Close the Welcome screen

Menu Window, Preferences; Java, Compiler:

“Compiler Compliance Level:” 5.0

Exit Eclipse

Extract openfire_src_3_3_1.jar to C:\ws\eclipse\workspace\

Start Eclipse

Select File, New, Project;

Java Project Next;

Project Name “openfire_src” (JDK Compliance and

Projct layout will get disabled) Next;


Menu Window, Show Wiew, Ant;

Right click in “Ant”, “Add Buildfiles”

Select openfire_src\build\build.xml

Double click “all” … and wait to complete the build

Help Eclipse to find the right build path

Menu File, Properties: Configure Build Path: Libraries: Add External JARs: Add all files you find in openfire_src\target\openfire\lib

That’s really a little bit crazy but with this Eclipse version it seems to be the only possible solution.

Debug Openfire 3.3.1

Menu Run, Debug …: New


Project: openfire_src

Main class: org.jivesoftware.openfire.starter.ServerStarter


Program Arguments:

VM Arguments:


Working Directory

[x] Use default working directory

Workspace: ${workspace_loc:openfire_src}