OpenFire thinks its a new setup

I have Openfire 4.1.5 installed. Been using Openfire for a number of years. For the past week, the Windows 2003 machine has been rebooting intermittent and been working on fixing this. I don’t think its related to OpenFire at all. With all reboots, Openfire will restart as a NT service without an issue. MySQL OpenFire database are backed up nightly. I had port 9090/9091 for remote maintenance for specific IPs only. So it was secured.

However, with the last reboot, there has been a restart problem and now OpenFire thinks it is a new setup. Only port 9090 was open and going to it, it has the new welcome, setup page.

Whatever? The MySQL OpenFire database appear to be OK.

Is there a config switch file that tells it a new install?

PS: While I am at site, I did download the latest 4.4. Is this still ok with Windows 2003?

Id start by checking to see if your openfire.xml file changed.
stop openfire and look for your openfire.xml file and compare it to one from your backup. If its different, than simply try restoring the file.

Ok, checking this out … Yes, the conf\openfire.xml is 1907 bytes but it was completely empty (zero value bytes, not spaces). Restoring the conf\OpenFire.XML from a backup resolved the start up problem. Thank you.