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OpenFire to Google Apps domain


I’m struggling to figure out the Sever to Server communications portion of what I’m trying to set up. Here’s what I’ve got going.

We’re currently using Google Apps for our IM needs, but with the lack of features for their group chat I’m looking to use OpenFire just for the conference room portions, while not having to create users or intergrate it into our AD. From what I understand we need an SRV record, which it self confuses me, but that’s because I’m a systems guy, at least that’s my excuse. I also see within OpenFire there is a section to specify the domain you want to allow access to.

So I guess in short is what I’m trying to accomplish possible? If so, can someone help me with the Server to Server side of things? I know there’s a lot of posts out here but lots of them are seemingly outdated and I’m not sure I’m following them correctly.

Any help would be great thanks!