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Openfire transport plugin

Hi everyone! Nice to be here (couse it’s my first post).

I have a trivial problem that I can’t solve (in fact i could cope with it, but it would take ages). I want to create a transport for Openfire that is something like command line. For example I write “help” and it gives appropriate answer. Simply: request - response. There will be huge backend with databases etc, but that’s not a problem for now. A have browsed IM gateway plugin sources, but big amound of files that is don’t understand (I’m very net to Java and Openfire) doesn’t help me at all. The one thing I need is a snippet of code that simply works (creates a transport). The rest is for me

A tip: I don’t wont to add a transport to my list by browsing services of my XMPP server in my client, but I want it “out of box” (every single new user gets this transport to the list automatically). If that problem has been solved before, sorry, I couldn’t find it

Regards and thanks in advance.

The upcoming Coccinella 0.96.2 (19 September) will be much more convenient on this.

It works like this in the development version:

  1. Open the “Add Contact” dialog

  2. Select the chat system of the account you would like to add (available transports known by Coccinella via disco)

  3. If you are not yet registered to the corresponding transport, Coccinella will ask you if you want to register on this transport. You then can add your account information for the closed chat system and register.

  4. You will be logged on to this transport and contacts will be imported.

  5. If you want, you can proceed with adding a contact from this closed chat system by entering entering the contact ID of this user (Contact ID can be MSN address, ICQ number,…). Coccinella will automatically convert this to a Jabber ID like contact%20hotmail.com@msn.example.org (this ugly ID also will be hidden shown in your roster AFAIR!). You also can just close the Add Account dialog.

If you have any suggestions to improve usability of this process even more, do not hesitate to reply here or post something in the Coccinella forums (the latter is the best as the chance is practically zero I will miss your comment). Coccinella removes one of the reasons people prefer multi-protocol clients over Jabber clients in combination with transports…one reason less to contribute to/use multi-protocol clients… Hope other Jabber clients also make this easier.

Hi Bartek,

You may have misunderstood the meaning of a transport. Anyway, if I understand you correctly, what you need may not be a transport but some kind of bot that replies to questions. Perhaps you’d want to take a look at Botz: Internal Bot Library for Openfire. The Botz library allows you to create, register and automate user bot login. All you have to do is to program the message exchanges to your liking.

You might then want to create a shared group and include your new bot as a member. That way, all users logged in into your server will have the bot in their roaster… kind of a Help user bot.

Hope that helps.

@sanderd, aznidin:

Guys, thanks a lot for your interest and tips. When I sad ‘transport’, I meant some stuff that pretends to be a friend on buddy list and in fact is a piece of software that gives me some services. So, it’s a “bot” indeed. Last week I managed with my problem in a very ugly way. Simply hacked ‘broadcast’ plugin and while talking to “all@broadcast[here server name]” I achieved what I wanted :). But it’s bad, dirty and doesn’t satisfy me at all.

So, after reading your posts I think the following should be best solution:

  1. When user creates an account, he has automatically new group and bot inside created.

  2. All stuff is added to rooster, of course.

It’s aznidin solution, actually.

I’ll check your links and plugins shortly and choose most appropriate way.

Thanks again, regards from Poland .