Openfire update, yay! Spark update coming soon?

I asked this back in May, I believe, about a Spark IM update to fix the text wrap related issues in the chat window, was hoping for end of June for the update.

Still none, which is fine, I understand development enough to know that it can take a while to work out the kinks enough to send out the next version, etc…

But I was just curious if we are any closer to a launch.

I tried a few of the nightly releases and none of them worked with our AD authentication, so I had to go back.

Just curious, thanks! Hoping to start pushing this out to the rest of our organization soon!


Hard to tell. There was a push to update Spark to the latest version of Smack library (Spark was using a very old version of it). Which created a lot of other issues, which are now being slowly eradicated. In the last few days a few major issues were fixed. But there are still some. I think you are hitting one of them (which might require to fix the Smack library first ). I’m hoping for this month, but it might get pushed again.

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Hey Wroot, thanks for the quick reply! Good update! I appreciate it.

are you using single sign on/GSSAPI, or just AD creds?

if just AD creds, than the issue is pretty easy to work around. smack4 removed iq-auth, as it i considered obsolete.

.To work around this, you can add the system property sasl.mechs = PLAIN

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Where do I add this at? In a config file or on the server interface?

I found this on the openfire admin console and added sasl.mech and set it to plain (not encrypted also), restarted the service, but still doesn’t work.

should be sasl.mechs (with the s)