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Openfire User Lockout End Time does not work

I’m running the latest version of Openfire in my Windows 7 PC. I can successfully lockout users but specifying the end time does not work. I always have to manually remove the lockout even if end time is set up in the beginning.

Could you please be more clear, what you mean by “end time”? How do you specify an end time, when you log out?

Please check the above screenshot, although it says that the user’s lockout will end at some time, but in reality it never ends. I always have to manually end the lockout from the admin panel.

what are you trying to accomplish? (may help us figure out what’s going on).

do you have logs you can post?

Filed as OF-754

While testing i’ve found it also works incorrectly in other cases. But in my testing the user was unlocked correctly (after 2 minutes i have setup), and i was able to login with him. It is just that this menu still shows the warning icon next to him (when the user is still locked, it shows read “stop” icon).