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Openfire user presence (server to server connection)

Hi all:

I currently have two Openfire instances, both running version 3.4.1. They are connected via server to server connection and in most part it is working fine.

One issue that is bothering me is that if I turn off my Spark 2.5.7 client (under Linux) and start it up again, I will lose presence information of users on the remote server (i.e. the server connected to the server I log into via server-to-server connection).

The user won’t show up as online unless the user logs off and logs back into Openfire after my client has restarted.

This morning, when I was checking for user sessions on the remote server, I noticed that there is an active user session, but the presence is offline as opposed to online. How is this possible? I assume that if there is an entry in user session, the user must be online.

If someone could help me track down this issue, that would be great.



Hi Bernard,

are the server using completely different xmpp domains?

Do you see any errors in the log files that presence packets can not be routed?


Hi LG:

The servers are using their hostnames as the xmpp domains, so yes, they are distinct.

Just now I looked at the error logs, and both servers have similar entries like the following:

2007.12.03 14:22:56 org.jivesoftware.openfire.net.SocketReadingMode.negotiateTLS(SocketReadingMode.j ava:75) Error while negotiating TLS: org.jivesoftware.openfire.net.SocketConnection http://…

javax.net.ssl.SSLException: Unsupported record version Unknown-47.115

Both servers have self-signed certificates – any pointers regarding how to track down this issue?



I read Walter’s HOWTO here:

which mentioned setting “xmpp.server.certificate.verify” to “false”. I did that on both servers but that didn’t seem to help.