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Openfire users are not showing as available in the Webchat queues

Hello all.

Just noticed an issue with Fastpath Service/ Webchat where newer Openfire users are not in the Webchat queues.

I don’t see any differences between working/ non-working users in settings.

I tried adding the users manually within the Fastpath settings without any luck.

Any ideas what could have changed or what to look for?

Openfire 3.6.4 with Fastpath Service 4.1.0 and Fastpath Webchat 4.0.0. Windows Server 2003 SP2. Java Version 7 Update 45. We are using SQL Server as the back end. Users have Spark 2.6.3.


After a lot more poking around …

It looks like this is a Spark client configuration issue.

There is a tab for Fastpath to join rooms.

Whole time I was thinking it was a server issue.