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Openfire version don't change in web interface


I need your help about this :

After upgraded Openfire v4.0.1 to v4.1.5 on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS server, it always show the old version in the web interface (4.0.1 instead 4.1.5).

Please can you help me.

Thank in advance.


This is typically due to the previous install of Openfire not being stopped prior to installing the update. Please ensure that openfire is first stopped (look that no openfire processes are still running) and then proceed with the upgrade and start openfire again.

I already do that but nothing change.
It’s still the same version in the web interface…howewer, after check the version with the command “apt-cache policy openfire” everything are correct :

Installed: 4.1.5
Candidate: 4.1.5
Version table:
*** 4.1.5 100

Maybe it’s some weird caching issue. What it shows in another browser?

Here the screenshot in attachment

Check modification dates on all the files in /opt/openfire. As akrherz mentioned, most probably some of the files were not updated.