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Openfire video-chat android

Hi community,

I need documentation about openfire of video-chat in java.

And documentation about call IP


Any idea ?

Exist documentation about this issue ???

Maybe have a look in the Jitsi Video Bridge plugin sub-forum:


I have seen Jitsi Video.

Is 100 % openfire ?

You can give me documentation url of java?

Where is the documentation jitsi of openfire (in java) ? I can’t find

How I can contact with developers video-chat jitsi ?

How I can implement in java OO, not android, only in java ??

Good night,

Is too important and urgent, exist another form of do video - chat ?

I’m develop a app, but I need jitsi but I don’t know how implement.

repost ( "How I can contact with developers video-chat jitsi " )