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Openfire W/O AD/LDAP OR Help with Users not showing up in the group they are assigned to

I have used Effusia business messenger in the past. Simple to use, add user name and pass, add to group and bam works great.

All that aside we are now trying to use openfire and spark, I am finding it tough to manage the clients.

  1. I had to set it up with AD access ( not happy about that ) I wanted to just add user name and pass and be done.

  2. I have assigned users to groups ( most people do not show up in the groups ). When I log in as the new user I do have the group I am assigned to and when I manually add the group it is empty

  3. message archive is a must.

How can I configure the server not using AD. I want to add users, add groups and manage both without Active directory involvement.

I have it setup with AD currently buy am about to rip the whole thing out and look for something else… PLEASE HELP.

  1. AD integration is not mandatory. During a setup on the Profile Settings page leave the Default option selected and do not select the Directory Server (LDAP) option.

  2. After you have assigned users to groups, go to groups settings and enable Sharing in the conctact list for those groups and select how it should be shared (with whom).

  3. Try the Monitoring Service plugin.

Thank you for the response,

I do have the monitoring service plugin, Will it archive all message content?

Also with the AD integration, is that something I can change after it is already setup?

It should archive one to one chats (not the group chats i think, but rooms can have history enabled anyway). Although Monitoring plugin is known to have issues for some time, so, if you need 100% reliable archiving, you might need to look elsewhere. Openfire doesn’t have any other option other that audit logs, but there not very readable (raw xml).

To change the type of server you would havebto rerun the web setup.

I want to thank you for all your help…

I got the groups working now, odd how it won’t let users see the group even when they are added to it without sharing the group.

I should be ok without re- running the web setup

Again thanks for all your help!