Openfire with iOS clients, how to avoid timeouts?

I have a setup where I am trying to use openfire (which is an awesome IM server by the way) with IM clients installed

on ipod touches. This is for a veterinary hospital environment where they want to use IM/Presence on ipod touches to notify staff

instead of overhead paging, which is really loud and annoying and does not allow 2 way communications.

I have tried both MONAL and OneTeam from process one, but the clients appear to time-out after a period of inactivity.

Two questions:

  1. When will Spark be available for iOS? (This would be the best choice)

  2. Is there some way to make the clients stop timing out for now?

I use Beejive on my iPhone and it will remain connected for weeks. Note that for the majority of the mobile clients, the actual connection comes from a proxy on the Internet, rather than directly from the device. Do you have a firewall or something which is killing the XMPP TCP sessions after periods of inactivity?

Hi David,

I need to do this internally with a local network openfire server as its an enterprise requirement.

Do you use Beejive with openfirew on a local network?


Beejive does not connect internally to our internal IM server - It goes out to the internet, connects to their proxy, then comes back to our network and connects to our DMZ XMPP connection manager. I don’t know what IM clients connect direct over private network, but this was never a major issue for us.

Hi David,

Which proxy server are you using? Do you use this for IM for the company internal communication?


The proxy is whatever the vendor of Beejive uses - The app itself does not do native XMPP from the mobile device.

Yes, it is used for internal communications, however a very small subset of our users currently utilize it on a mobile platform.