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Openfire with LDAP


is it possible to configure openfire and ldap to not import all users at once? I set up openfire and ldap, and all users from ldap were migrated into the openfire-db… It would be nice to have only those users in openfire-db, who logged in once in openfire…



unfortunately no. the users must be present in the openfire database or they could not login. the accounts need to be valid prior to first login.

Okay - on the on hand it’s cool. I’m able to see all my groupmembers even if they havn’t been online with openfire. On the other hand, it’s a big copy of the ldap-db :-/

How many times syncs openfire with ldap? When I add a new user in my ad - how long does it takes, before he can login to openfire?

Thanx a lot


There does not seem to be a ny set time for resync. It varies greatly from server to server. My server was darn near instant others have reported days.