Openfire with meeting plugin video issue

Hi thanks for the great software but facing lot of issues with video.

I have installed openfire latest with ofmeet on server 2008 r2.

I have opened all the port on router as directed by forum.

I connect with chrome (latest) with openfire extension installed, it connects correctly everytime but video and sound take lot of time to exchange between 2 setup. and 50% of the time video is not even shown on the other endpoint. I have to connect again and again but video is quite random. this behavior is on lan as well as on wan. Please suggest.

This problem sometime goes when I restart openfire but after sometime it comes again.

I also suggest to have notification sound if possible when one to one call if possible.

sounds like network issues, but difficult to confirm. Run chrome browser on your server directly and open two browser tabs with the same meeting URL and see if you still get the same problems.