Openfire with node-xmpp-bosh as connection manager

I am currently on Openfire 3.7. I planning to use connection manager to scale up the concurrent & consistent client connections.

Please help me with step by step details on how can I use some other Bosh server instead of Openfire Internal one.
I am planning to use node-xmpp-bosh BOSH server instead of openfire’s internal one to login to Openfire itself!

I have openfire on while I have node-xmpp-bosh on other server say

Do I need to first install a connection manager -
This connection manager module appears to be quite old of January 9, 2009.

Why don’t you want to use the built-in BOSH interface? I guess it would work for the most part.

I am looking for presistent connection which Openfire XEP do not support.

I didn’t get you - what persistent connection are you looking for? My guess would be that the built-in BOSH on openfire doesn’t need a socket connection and it can use the internal API to communicate with the xmpp server.

Either ways, if you still do want to se one up, check

if my_xmpp_server_is_publicly_accessible:

use an open bosh server such as


setup a bosh server locally on the same machine as the xmpp server and set route=“xmpp:localhost:5222” when connection to the bosh server.