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Openfire with NoSQL database? (e.g. MongoDB)

hi there

can anybody tell me if i can run the openfire server with a nosql database in the background instead of a relational database?

i found a forum post from 2012 or 2013 where they were talking about offering support for mongodb - is that still up to date?

in my opinion a nosql database would make more sense than a relational database.



As far as i know that would require a major redesign with uncertain effects. What’s wrong with relational DBs? Do you see real issues?

relational dbs are not really good for clustering. nosql is way better for clustering/scaling. and iin my opinion this is an important point in todays needs when it comes to cloud computing…

We use Openfire in comercial applications that scale. You are supposed to use a network cache not the DB when you cluster. The DB provides persistence of your data and and a bootstrap for all modes at startup.