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OpenFire with Open JDK 13 and above


As part of my product plan, we are in the process of upgrading the technologies. In this process we are upgrading sun java to latest OpenJDK 15.

But the problem I am facing here is, Openfire is only good with sun JDK 8 or above.

We have our custom plugins compiled with OpenJDK 15 and we see version compatible issues with java.

We would like to deploy the Openfire in Windows server.

Is there any solution for this? Can we recompile the Openfire source code with OpenJKD 15. Does this work?

Harish Alwala

There are no existing plans to support Java 15. That’s not to say that if changes can be made to facilitate support we’re unwilling to accommodate, but I currently do not expect us to actively pursue them.

Given the high frequency with with Java releases occur, it is good to assume that generally, only LTS versions of Java will (eventually) be supported.

If you’re in need of support for specific versions of Java, and are unwilling or unable to implement that support yourself, you could consider enlisting help from one of the commercial support providers, who might be willing to help you.

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Thank you.