Openfire with Skype?


I am new to Openfire and so I aplogize in advance for questions

I have seen there plug-ins for almost all major im-networks. But is it also possible to connect to Skype?

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Unfortunately, no, not really. There’‘s no Skype API out that I’‘m aware of that doesn’‘t suck. Skype themselves put out an API but the problem with it is… it requires you to have the Skype client installed on the machine the API is running on . . . in other words it doesn’‘t -really- implement the API, it just acts as a conduit for the client. On top of that, as I understand it it only works with Windows anyway. If anyone ever writes up a Java API for Skype that works, I’‘d be happy to look into it, but for now, it’‘s a lost cause. =( (You’‘ll note that Gaim and Adium X also don’'t implement it)

Thanks for your reply. Maybe it´s possible in the near future

jadestorm wrote:

You’‘ll note that Gaim and Adium X also don’'t implement it

Yes, for the simple reason that nobody has cracked the protocol yet (and wrote about it on the web).

You gonna get right on that? ;D

For what it’‘s worth, I’‘ve been keeping an eye out. If y’'all ever see something come along, please post. =)

Any of this stuff any good?

Unfortunately no. They are not the Skype API made available in Java. Instead they are like a Skype client conduit. You have to have Skype installed locally, it works for only one person at a time, and it’s effectively making calls to the actual client. As far as I know, no one has reverse engineered the Skype protocol, nor has Skype provided a way to have a real third party client connect to their network.

Would it be easier to implement a text-only skype gateway? Are there any other services which link to Skype in this way? I noticed that when I added AIM contacts to GTalk, they showed up through the gateway connection.

Perhaps something could be jiggered up with SMS, as skype can now send and receive SMS.

The protocol seems to have been cracked


i hope there will be skype support soon.

This Gateway-Plugin is very great, thanks Daniel (and others?)!