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OpenFire with SQLServer 2000

HI, can anyone offer me any help with this problem. I am evaluating openfire, I had the server up and running fine with the distributed/built in database. I needed to use SQLServever, so I uninstalled onenfire and then reinstalled it and configured it to use the SQLserver database having installed the schema on the Target SQLServer instance.

In the openfire admin screen if I browse to the database config page I have the following:

Database and Version:
Microsoft SQL Server 08.00.2039
JDBC Driver:
jTDS Type 4 JDBC Driver for MS SQL Server and Sybase
JDBC Driver Version:
DB Connection URL:
DB User:
Transaction Support:
Transaction Isolation Level:
Supports multiple connections
open at once:
In read-only mode:

The problem is that the data is not being added to the sql server database, I am presuming it is still being added to the distributed database.

If I stop the SQLServer instance then the openfire admin falls over so it looks like I am missing something.

Can anyone offer me any help with this?

Thanks in advance


I have tried this on a different server that has not had OpenFire installed previously and the problem could not be rectified. The problem only seems to happen if you have previously installed OpenFire using the distributed database. Does anyone know where this configuration is occuring as a total uninstall and folder delete occured before the reinstall?