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Openfire with subdomain in a different IP

Hi people, I have a domain for the the company site: example.com.br

I created a subdomain: msg.example.com.br for openfire.

The openfire runs fine locally, but i can’t get i to work on the subdomain.

I’m testing it yet, so I can try anything to get it working.

The openfire server is running here at the company, with an ip 205.x.x.x while the site (example.com.br) is running over 66.x.x.x

I already redirected the subdomain to the IP where openfire server is (but i think I did it the wrong way, just redirected every connection to 205.x.x.x:5222), allowed the incoming packages in the NAT and in the firewall.

But i can’t connect using msg.example.com.br as server in the client.

I read something about SRV but i didn’t understand that…

Can someone please help me??

Doea ‘nslookup msg.example.com.br’ return 66… or 205…?

Is 205… the Openfire IP or do you NAT it to an internal 10…/192.168… IP?

205.x.x.x is the NAT IP, and i redirect the incoming packages to an internal IP 192.168.x.x

And the lookup in msg.example.com returns me 205.x.x.x:5222

Sorry for the delay in the answer, i’ve got a full week =/

Do both telnet commands work and establish a tcp connection?

  1. Telnet 192.168,x.x 5222

  2. Telnet 205.x,x,x 5222

You should be able to enter some data and get then a stream error.

Is msg.example.com.br the xmpp.domain of Openfire?

As you use a subdomain you likely do not need to setup srv entries in dns. If you plan to use ‘example.com’ as the xmpp.domain to get user-friendly Jids (foo@example.com) then you need to use srv records.

The first telnet command worked, but the second didn’t. But it is because of our firewall, it doesn’t allow connection from the same IP, I’ll try that from home later.

msg.example.com.br is the xmpp.domain. and the hostname too.

I still can’t connect throught the subdomain fqdn, just throught the IP. I still can’t understand that, because the subdomain redirects to the right IP. What the hell am I doing wrong??