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Openfire with X-Lite Configuration?


We are using pbxsip with X-Lite softphones. Our network or pbxnsip doesn’t support the presence feature in X-Lite so it was suggested we setup SER or OpenSER server. As a Microsoft shop, I came across Openfire. Does anyone know how to configure and X-Lite to work together? Thanks in advance, Fred

Hey Fred,

Welcome to the ignite community. Openfire is an XMPP server and it could be integrated with a SIP server by using the Asterisk-IM plugin. The plugin will update the presence of the user in Openfire based on his status on the phone.


– Gato

Many thanks. I actually got it working using the Presence plugin, but I might just have found a end-around. Should I remove the Presence service or use in conjunction with Asterisk-IM. Can you give me any guidelines on settings as there are a lot of settings in your software. For example for use within our local network should I enable Media Proxy & STUN.

I actually got it to work by turning on Media Proxy & setting X-Lite to Use Presence Agent instead of Peer to Peer.

Thanks in advance & great product by the way, Fred


I tried installing asterisk-IM plug-in but says it failed because I’m missing database schema for asterisk-im. I’m using the database within your software. It says to manually upgrade your database. Again, any documentation on this? Thanks, Fred