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OpenFire Xabber user not authorized problem

Dear igniterealtime Team,

i have configured Openfire Server on Windows server with open port 5222 and public domain name, and configured Xabber client and created two users test1 and test2 and each user loged in on a device both are shown online from the server, but when user test1 adds user test2
the user test2 doesnt receive any request or invitation from user1 and on user test1 it show red x with not authorized, im using selfsigned cetificate,
please any idea any solution.


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Same here, using ejabberd

@ali_g I do not see how the original question relates to an authorization problem. It seems that there is a problem with exchanging presence subscription requests. This could have a number of causes. It would be helpful to know the exact versions of the software that was involved, the logs of the XMPP data that is being exchanged, and any messages that might have been loggged in the Openfire log.

@Aamir When you have problems with Xabber and Ejabberd, you are very unlikely to find help on this particular forum. This community is not involved with either.