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OpenFire XEP-0055 Support Question

Hi All,

I am trying to make a Jabber Search from Android Emulator running on Windows 7 OS. I installed the openfire server locally and I was able successfully to connect to the server, create users and login users with the smack api running on the Android Emulator. Currently I am trying to search for users using the jabber search, but without success. I am trying to obtain a Search Form but I cannot obtain it from the server. I traced my communication and I saw that I receive an empty response. These are my IQ’s:


I was wondering where I might be wrong. My code for sending the request is:

UserSearchManager search = new UserSearchManager(connection);

try {
Form searchForm = search.getSearchForm(“search.lyuben-pc”);
Form answerForm = searchForm.createAnswerForm();
} catch (XMPPException xmppe) {

I enabled search in the openfire admin console on Username, Name and Email.

Also when I login or create user I am using not the service name of the connection, but the ip which in android emulator is translated to localhost. But when I try to get the search form I am using the local service name which is lyuben-pc. I get no response when I try Do you think this might be an issue of the emulator or I need to setup something on the server?

Thank you

P.S. How should I mark my code as code? I didn’t found any instructions.