Openfire.xml autosetup with ad ldap

Anyone willing to do a sanity check on my openfire.xml configuration. I copy this into a container at build, but while I can log in as the the local user (xmppadmin), ldap auth from the spark client fails. I suspect I’m missing something important. Noted behavior, the Profile Setting radial for LDAP server is unresponsive.

openfire (copy).xml (2.3 KB)

I’m not sure if that’s going to work as you intend it. When you configure Openfire to use an LDAP directory as a base for the user, auth and group store, then it will obtain all users (including the administrative ones) from LDAP. Configuring an ‘admin’ user in the auto-setup like you seem to attempt to do will at best result in a user being created that’s never going to be used.

I recommend that you try to set up Openfire using the web-based admin console, and see if you can get things working like that.

As a second step, you might want to look at our “Separating Administrative Users” guide.

I have my production openfire instances configured for ldap via the web-based admin console. They run in containers and I was trying to eliminate persistent storage to ease deployment for other admins. But perhaps persistent storage is the way to go to retain those settings. Thanks for the insight.

Even when using LDAP, Openfire still does need a database. It’d use it less, but you cannot completely eliminate it.