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OpenFire - XMPP Federation enable Server-To-Server Stream


I am trying to enable XMPP federation on my OpenFire server. I’ve created the DNS SRV Records and they are listing correctly. But still I am not able to connect to the server from any other providers like jabber.org & google talk. I’ve checked my settings at http://www.imtrends.com/ and it is showing that “Server-To-Server Stream”, “Personal Eventing via PubSub” and “Client-To-Server SSL Stream” are not available. I am attaching the screenshot.

What is Server-To-Server Stream and how to enable this?

Thanks in advance.

You need to open tcp port 5269 on whatever IP address your xmpp-server record points to. This may require a firewall rule, a nat rule or a combination of the two. Check with whoever maintains your network as they got 5222 opened properly somehow.