Openfire370beta - Server wants to run setup again after reboot

Hi Guys,

i have been successfully using 3.7.0 Beta without issues since November. However, i had to reboot the win2003 server that has the install on it and when it came back up and i tried to connect to the admin page - i had to go through the setup again.

This occurs after every system reboot.

I am running windows 2003 Standard and running openfire using the server service and SQL database.

How do i stop it from doing this?

What happens if you just restart Openfire? The same issue? Maybe the user running Openfire doesn’t have permissions on \Openfire\conf\ directory and saving the configuration fails.

Hi wroot, thanks for the reply.

I just tested what you said; when i restart the service on the server it goes through the setup again. :frowning:

However, as far as your comment regarding the settings - i am using the SQL server setup and i thought that the settings were stored in the SQL server so there was no need to write to a file. I have checked the SQL server and all settings are still there on service restart( i know this because thats where i “recover” my settings from )

Do i really need to give the service account write access to the \Openfire\conf\ directory?

Database part is saved in the database, but the setup information is stored in \Openfire\conf\openfire.xml, so yes, account running Openfire needs to have write access on that folder.

Is this different from 3.6.4? Because i did an upgrade as opposed to a new install.

OK i figured it out. For some reason the openfire.xml.tmp file was not overwriting the openfire.xml file.

the only difference between the files was the setup property - this was not in the openfire.xml file but was in the .tmp version.

Once overwritten with the tmp file settings there were no more issues with the service restart.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction wroot.

So if an account doesn’t have write privileges when openfire restarts it saves openfire.xml as openfire.xml.tmp ? @wroot

Have no clue. I know that sometimes it can store changes to files in Program files in VirtualStore folder somewhere in user’s Appdata. anyway, to avoid any pain in the neck, just install into C:\Openfire