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openfireHome not found

People, i try found a sollution in the forum for my problem. I checked in the configuration files and found a string with the path /opt/openfire, but in my configuration server, receve a message from error path openfireHome.

I try follow steps from installation, steps for configuration in file bin/openfire, add in any files the path /opt/openfire and… nothing.

Openfire is functionally in another machine for tests, but is version 3.3.1. I remember the installations was 100%, but in this new installation… broken.

How to add the path in the server/initialization Openfire for no more errors? Any help for me?



I forgot a important information: my system is Debian 4r1.

The iniciatilization from the service is ok, not show any errors. Problem is the configuration/install.


did you start Openfire with another command than you start it now as a service? I can’t reproduce this issue, but I use my custom start scripts which I share in Simple Start Scripts as I always had a lot of trouble with shell scripts written by Java coders.



I was installed Openfire with rpm converted by alien to deb for Debian and installed.

With help for Curts (Jive Help), i try install Openfire by file tar.gz and change the script openfire add the line openfireHome=/opt/openfire above comment about JVM.

Thanks Curts!