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OpenLDAP and no modify/delete Avatar


It seems like, it is not possible to modify or delete an Avatar from the LDAP if you have an openldap.

I get the error “modify/delete: jpegPhoto: no equality matching rule”

In other forums there is been told to use LDAP_MOD_REPLACE as command.

But I am not an LDAP programmer. So, does someone uses openldap and can delete Avatars over Spark?


Openfire treats LDAP as read only information. You need to be running the latest version of openfire and enable the ldap.override.avatar in the system properties. This will make openfire store the avatar in the openfire database, while pulling the remaining vCard data from LDAP.

Set ldap.override.avatar to true

I have it already set ldap.override.avatar to true and in erro.log it says:

java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: LdapVCardProvider: Invalid vcard changes.

Are you running any plugins that may be trying to edit avatars? What version of Openfire are you running?

No Plugins and Version 3.4.5

I got the User only in LDAP and none in the database. That is correct? Where would openfire put the avatars in the DB?

Why is it to difficult to let openfire write into the LDAP-tree? That would make it so much easyer.