Openldap doesn't authenticate


This is my first post here, mostly becasue in one of my servers is installed wildfire version 2.6.2-1 over a SLES9 instalation. my intention was to update the software and take advantage of the new version of openfire.

I have installed openfire 3.3.2 over a Centos 5, I have successfully (aparently) configured the ldap connection, but the users doesn’t appear when i make a test, i have read several posts about this problem, so i let it pass and continue the install process (The groups test ok).

My problema is I can’t authenticate users… i have checked the log on my ldap server and there are differences between the login from wldfire and openfire. the main difference is this:

Successfull login attempt from wildfire, over the ldap log I find this:

Sep 10 10:11:19 ldap-server slapd[30193]: conn=26098 op=2 BIND dn=“UID=TESTUSER,OU=USERS,DC=DOMAIN,DC=COM” method=128

Unsuccessfull login attempt from openfire, over the ldap log I find this:

Sep 14 10:45:36 ldap-server slapd[30193]: conn=76792 op=0 BIND dn=“UID=“TESTUSER”,OU=“USERS”,DC=DOMAIN,DC=COM” method=128

why is that difference, does anyone know?? where can i set a fix??

my openfire.xml have this settings for the ldap connection:












<vcard-mapping> TOO MUCH DATA</vcard-mapping>








<encloseUserDN>false</encloseUserDN> <-- this i have added after several test but with no positive effect.

I hope someone can help me

You would need to look in the openldap documentation what those messages mean.

Is your ldap server configured to allow logins on non-ssl’d connections? openfire is configured to not use ssl, so that might be a difference.