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OpenLDAP groups on MacOS 10.11 don't work

Hi, i have troubles to connect my “apple groups” via openldap configuration.
my DN is : dc=entreprise,dc=domain,dc=fr
my credientials to connect are good : uid=diradmin,cn=users,dc=entreprise,dc=domain,dc=fr + My diradmin password.
When the next step is users, everything work fine, on the next step its Groups, and i have troubles.
if “Group Field” is cn, then i have all my cn section of MacOs ldap listed and not the Groups. Ex : users users groups mounts accesscontrols certificateauthorities computers computer_groups computer_lists config locations etc…
It means this is listing all the cn from : dc=entreprise,dc=domain,dc=fr
How can i do to go to cn=groups,dc=entreprise,dc=domain,dc=fr and then let the “cn” in group field show all the groups listed in my “cn=groups,dc=entreprise,dc=domain,dc=fr”.
Please can you help.
Posix mod have to be on “on” or “off”?
Thank you