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Operfire Client

We are planning to upgrade OPENFIRE to latest version with Transvers Client but it seems latest version of Transverse is not compatible anymore to OPENFIRE. Which client is the best which will support the latest OPENFIRE version? where I will find the sizing sheet for OPENFIRE? details installation guide as well.

Any XMPP client should work, although your mileage may vary, depending on plugins installed and features required. In any case, our own Spark client would be a good place to start.

I’m not sure what issues Transverse is having with the latest release of Openfire. Is it worth looking into that? Do you have contact information for its development team?

Nope ! we do not have contact information of Transverse dev team or even RnD.

A Sales department maybe? Where do you even obtain new versions?

In any case, you’re more than happy to test out Spark (or any other client) to see if that meets your needs. If that’s a close match to your requirements, then there are several ways to bridge the remaining gap.

Hi Guus,
Thanks for your prompt reply, here in Canadian Defense we have client already on our internal download center so we get it from it, however, at this moment we are planning to keep same version of Openfire 4.1.5 (I know it is old) and Transverse 1.8.11 so my major issue is compatibility, will these old version will work with Windows 2019 server? with MSSQL 2019 database?? can you pls. confirm?

I don’t know. This is such an edge case that I’m reluctant to volunteer my spare time to find out. I’m happy to provide support to start an investigation into compatibility of those components, but frankly, that needs to be a commercial endeavor.

what do you mean “not compatible”?

Looking for “transverse xmpp chat” in Google shows that more than two years ago there was already TransVerse available. Not sure if sticking to outdated versions is a good idea? Perhaps switching to Spark might be the better approach?

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