Opnefire Plug-in Meetings

Hi all,

I installed the plug-in of meetings, and when trying to perform a simple test, I get these errors in console:

[modules/UI/videolayout/LargeVideoManager.js] <>: hover in %s 4d8ziqiw
[JitsiMeetJS.js] <Object.getGlobalOnErrorHandler>: UnhandledError: null Script: null Line: null Column: null StackTrace: Error: non-anonymous rooms not supported
at ChatRoom.js:365
at s.Handler.handler (strophe.js:3384)
at s.Handler.run (strophe.js:2556)
at strophe.js:3822
at Object.forEachChild (strophe.js:1522)
at s.Connection._dataRecv (strophe.js:3810)
at e.Websocket._onMessage (strophe.js:6323)
[modules/xmpp/ChatRoom.js] <>: non-anonymous rooms not supported
[modules/UI/videolayout/LargeVideoManager.js] <>: hover in %s 4d8ziqiw

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Did you create the MUC room?

Hi Dele_Olajide, thank’s for you reply.

I’ve a rare situation:

If I don’t create the room before, (y put the name on the form that appears wen I enter on https://server.name:7443/ofmeet/), the app shows the message of “non-anonymous rooms not supported”, but everithing works right, (we can see the image of the remote camera).

But, I create before in OpenFire Admin Console the room, and I put the room name on the form that appears wen I enter on https://server.name:7443/ofmeet, the app don’t show any error of “non-anonymous rooms not supported”, but I can’t see the image of the remote camera.

Please can you help me? Do you have any reason for this rare situation?

Thanks in advance!

Take a hard good look at the room features and config data of both situations and compare. In the first case, Jitsi is creating a temp room while in the second case, you are creating the room with the default openfire room creation template. Try and match Jitsi when you create the room.

Thank’s for your reply Dale! Now, It looks more beautifull, but now have a really extrange situation…

If 2 users enter on a room, everyting work right, but wen one third user is added, the video stop in all users… wen the third user leve the room, users 1 and 2, show another time video correctly.

Do you have ani idea about wats can be happend?

This is usually the case when there is no media (audio/video) flowing between JitsiVideobridge and each peer over UDP port 10000 (unless you changed it in admin web page). With 2 people, media flows P2P with no server involvement to keep bandwidth costs down.

Is openfire behind a firewall or NAT?

Also watch out for this gotcha with openfire 4.2.3

Stream management should be switched off otherwise, the focus user will disconnect randomly

Hi! Thanks one more time for your answer Dele.

I put te properties stream.management.active = false and stream.management.requestFrequency = 0, but it don’t solve anything that i see.

This is the rest of the properties of jitsi.videobrigde.media that I have:

As aditional information I must explain that it’s a server on Microsoft Azure. Maybe this is relebant information for you. And that is the configuration of the rules in the virtual server:

I’m very losed for this situation… because I try to deploy on clean server in Azure only with Jitsi Server, and all work’s right… but in my Openfire server whit ofmeet plug in I can not do that it works fine.

Maybe this helps you: In the second server that i explain that only has Jitsi Server, I must put these two entries on the sip-communicator.properties file:


Because if I don’t put them, it dosn’t works fine, and the situation was the same that I’ve in my Openfire server whit ofmeet plug in.

Really I hope that information was valuous for you help.


Hi Dele,

After my today answer, I continue trying, and I see that If I open all incoming ports, all works fine! Please can you have a look at my last answer, and say to me what port I forget to open?

Thanks one more time!

Finally I found the solution.

I close all ports, and only open these ones:

The problem was the next entries was not configurable with user interface of Openfire meeting plug in, but wen I look the code of the plug in in GitHub, I see them!

After generate these two properties, all works fine!


Maybe be a good point that user interface of the Openfire meeting plug, allow these params was editable.


You can edit both values

Hi Dele!

I try this few days ago, but these options generate diferent parameters:

The yelow params are generated by the user interface that you say. And the last ones are that I say.



Thanks for pointing it out. I think Guus refactored the code and removed the old org.jitsi.videobridge versions of localAddress and public Address params. I will raise an issue on this. Thank you for your patience and determination to get to the bottom of this :slight_smile:

I’m facing the same issue can you please elaborate.