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Options not available to search old Group Chat History / search result not highlighting while searching in old history

Dear support,

i would like to suggest some options for group chats.

  1. as i have highlighted into attached image, “Show History” option is available for single user chat but its not available for group chat. please add this option to group chat also.
  2. screen shot option is also not there for group chat.
  3. and if i wanted to search something in previous chat. the searched word results are coming but its not highlighting particular word.
  4. in Image2, when i wanted to invite someone bu clicking on Roster, its very dificult to find the particular user if i have huge users list. please check if any search bar can be added. which will simplify the searching users while inviting users to join conference room.




  1. It might be doable as Spark does save some parts of group chat history locally (not sure what is the exact system as it usually misses a lot of messages), but history in group chat is usually handled by a server, so it is more than just adding same button there. Spark doesn’t have active developers. So… patches are welcome :slight_smile:
  2. Group chat doesn’t have usual file transfer support (which is used by screenshot button). One can use HTTP File Upload plugin in Openfire and the not released yet version of Spark 2.9.0 has support for it to upload images to group chat.
  3. Again, not released yet 2.9.0 version has highlighting in search.
  4. I agree that some filtering here could be useful. At least users are in alphabetical order. Again. Patches are welcome.

If you want to try out the latest nightly build https://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/nightly_spark.jsp

Can’t say when 2.9.0 could be released. Still has a number of issues.