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Oracle Coherence license

Could someone say me which edition of Oracle Coherence license I need when I use clustering plugin? Is standard edition of Oracle Coherence OK?

Thanks Roman

I have been able to determine that Enterprise License is required.

What I did was the following:

  • According to the coherence documentation there is a license-config section in the tangosol-coherence-override.xml, and one can define some of the properties on the command line. In the default override file, this section is missing, permitting operation at the highest license (Grid Edition).
  • I added the following to the override file:



To setup the conditions we would license to, and use in production.

  • When I ran this, I received the following exception in the Openfire error.log
    Caused by: com.tangosol.license.LicenseException: The necessary edition to perform the operation is not available; “Oracle Coherence: Enterprise Edition” is required.

at com.tangosol.license.LicensedObject.(LicensedObject.java:71)

at com.tangosol.license.CoherenceDataGridEdition.(CoherenceDataGridEdition.j ava:16)

  • Changing to Enterprise Edition (EE) permitted running the cluster member to start and run.
  • Starting another node, without setting the edition, caused it to start in Grid Edition, and to fail to join the cluster, since Coherence needs matched editions for all members.

So the simple way you determine what edition you need is to try it and it will tell you.

Pls go through my posts on coherence it will be help ful to u

The chain through: http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/218479#218479

can provide the diffs to OF code to permit using the 3.7.0 Coherence, for those who are having difficulty finding the 3.3.1 Coherence jars.

I know this thread is a little old, but it is still worth answering since it seems to be a popular topic.

In order to run Oracle Coherence in production mode, you will need to secure licensing for the Enterprise Edition (EE) of Coherence. While the clustered caching for Openfire is available in the Standard Edition (SE), per the Oracle Fusion licensing docs the InvocationService (which is used by Openfire to distribute tasks among the cluster members) is only available in EE or Grid Edition (GE).

Note that Coherence is configured to run GE in development mode by default. You can change this setting using the config file as described above, or you can override the following Java system properties via /etc/sysconfig/openfire (RPM) or openfired.vmoptions (Windows):



The current Coherence release is version 3.7.1.