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Oracle Coherence Licensing Cost


From reading the “Clustering plugin for Openfire is now open source” thread, looks like it is possible to get clustering working with the latest release of “Oracle Coherence Software” (Oracle Coherence for Java Version 3.5.2) although I haven’t tried to get it to work. What does the license runs as far as cost from Oracle, what is the license limit duration, and how do they go about charging for nodes? If it is anything like their cost for the databa$e, I bet mgmt will forgo the expense.



according to https://oraclestore.oracle.com/ it’s $2,300.00 per CPU and year for the Enterprise edition but one may want to ask Oracle sales for real world prices and whether this is the right license, which is likely the more interesting question.


one may want to ask Oracle sales for real world prices and whether this is the right license, which is likely the more interesting question.

Regarding the latter question, there are two products that this seems to fall under, e.g. “Oracle Coherence Standard Edition” and “Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition”. I have not yet discerned which of these two products would apply for my business purposes, and I wasn’t able to get any kind of clear answer from their sales by phone. However making a guess based on specs for a server with two CPU’s, each with 4 core processors, break down per 1-year license and perpetual license, then the costs are as follows. Note that a second server to complete the cluster utility would result a x’s 2 of the listed cost.

For “1-year” licenses are respectively, $15,456.00 and $36,708.00,

includes 1st yr support $8,096.00 ($1,012.00 x 8), $19,228.00 ($2,403.50 x 8).

For “perpetual” licenses are resp, $22,448.00 and $95,404.00,

includes 1st year support $7,691.20, $17,204.00.

See : http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/coherence/index.html and click the “Buy Now” link.

OpenFire clustering with Coherence will require an Enterprise license. You can demonstrate this by putting the following in your tangosol-coherence-override.xml



It will fail to start, with an error in the error.log like:

Caused by: com.tangosol.license.LicenseException: The necessary edition to perform the operation is not available; “Oracle Coherence: Enterprise Edition” is required.

at com.tangosol.license.LicensedObject.(LicensedObject.java:71)

Change the SE in the edition-name, and you are up and running.

It would also appear that two Intel/AMD cores count as a single processor, for licensing cost. But check with Oracle, your mileage may vary.

Oracle Coherence is an in-memory data grid solution. Organizations can predictably scale mission-critical applications by using Oracle Coherence to provide fast and reliable access to frequently used data. Oracle Coherence enables customers to push data closer to the application for faster access and greater resource utilization. By automatically and dynamically partitioning data in memory across multiple servers, Oracle Coherence enables continuous data availability and transactional integrity, even in the event of a server failure. Oracle Coherence is a shared infrastructure that combines data locality with local processing power to perform real-time data analysis, in-memory grid computations, and parallel transaction and event processing.

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In order to run Oracle Coherence in production mode, you will need to secure licensing for the Enterprise Edition (EE) of Coherence. While the clustered caching for Openfire is available in the Standard Edition (SE), per the Oracle Fusion licensing docs the InvocationService (which is used by Openfire to distribute tasks among the cluster members) is only available in EE or Grid Edition (GE).

Note that Coherence is configured to run GE in development mode by default. You can change this setting using the config file as described above, or you can override the following Java system properties via /etc/sysconfig/openfire (RPM) or openfired.vmoptions (Windows):



The current Coherence release is version 3.7.1.