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org.igniterealtime.xiff.im.addContact bug?

if ( requestSubscription == true )


callbackObj = this;

callbackMethod = “addContact_result”;

pendingSubscriptionRequestJID = id;

subscription = RosterExtension.SUBSCRIBE_TYPE_TO;

askType = RosterExtension.ASK_TYPE_SUBSCRIBE


the red line seems cause problem. sparkwebred5 workaroud this by create a temp roster to add contact. may be we could just comment it out.

What kind of an error message are you receiving?

if you add a new contact who is no online, rosterItemVO.pending will be false before you login again.it should be true.try comments

subscription = RosterExtension.SUBSCRIBE_TYPE_TO; this line out seems works.solution2 ,do not add a rosterItemVO to Roster Collection in addContact method,wait for server push.