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org.jivesoftware.openfire.handler.IQRegisterHandler Question


I got the following error during registration:

2007.11.21 13:23:52 org.jivesoftware.openfire.handler.IQRegisterHandler.handleIQ(IQRegisterHandler.j ava:153) Error during registration. Session not found in [] for key t100@im1.bft.net/PETERYANG01

The context is that the PSI client tries to register to a member-only MUC room.

During registraion, the following code exist: (it seems that Openfire does not allow the registration from other domain over S2S connection).

ClientSession session = sessionManager.getSession(packet.getFrom());

IQ reply = null;

// If no session was found then answer an error (if possible)

if (session == null) {

Log.error("Error during registration. Session not found in " +

sessionManager.getPreAuthenticatedKeys() +

" for key " +


// This error packet will probably won’t make it through

reply = IQ.createResultIQ(packet);



return reply;


Can i just comment out these lines?

Why these codes are around? what is the purpose?



Hi Peter,

I’m just trying to find the logic here. It seems to me that that part of Openfire code is executed when you’re registering remotely with the server itself. Can you verify that the to in your packet is refering to an MUC room like room@conference.server?

Yes. you are right.

I forget to put the conference in the to.

thanks it seems ok.

I went through the code, it seems quite complex, Do you have any messaging routing document for reference?

best regards


You mean something like pseudo code? Couldn’t find it anywhere

do not understand what you mean “pseudo code”