Hi Sean and others,

I’'m having some issues getting the class to work properly. There also seems to be an issue with the XIFFConnection.send() method, but I think that they must be related.

Basically I’'m creating it like this :

trace(xmlMsg); //this traces out fine

var msg:Message = new Message( bridgeAccount + “@” + jabberServer.domain, null, null, xmlMsg, “Normal” );

trace("HTML body: " + msg.htmlBody); this traces undefined

socket.send( msg );

This is the message that get’'s traced via the XIFFConnection.outgoingData event:

Notice that there is no html content in the message.

This code used to work with older versions of the library, but now seems to have issues.

Any idea on what might be going on?

If I can’'t get this working I will just use my sendRaw() method for now, but it would be nice if the library can use the send() method again.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Look. i don’‘t know what’‘s going on here, but i’‘ve been getting story-like messages through for over a week now and i’‘ve traced it back to you. it needs to stop. i get at least five messages a day all from different emails that don’'t really exist.

if you are in control of this and it happens again expect a lawsuit.